Here are 3 of our main team members. There are more people who we can call upon to provide specialist services.

Our Team

  • Natasha

    Natasha is the Founder of Shek Support. She has worked in an office environment for a number of years and has a lot of experience helping others to become organised. Her computer skills include Microsoft Word, InDesign and Photoshop and has put these skills to use for a number of clients. It goes without saying that her typing skills are second to none! When not managing the daily activities of Shek Support she enjoys spending time with her 2 young girls and her husband.

  • Tracey

    Tracey has worked in administration for many years and is a good organiser having run her own company. With many years experience as a web designer and using WordPress she is also very computer literate. Having learnt to type in the days when typewriters were still used in schools, she now types over 80 words per minute! When not working with Shek Support she enjoys creating art!

  • Sebastian

    Sebastian is a fast typist and very experienced in all things computer related. He is particularly skilled in WordPress and has years of experience building websites. He is also a very talented artist so when he’s not working on Shek Support projects he’s at his easel!

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